The world’s most efficient rotary vacuum sealer

Product Overview

A dedicated approach to superior engineering for the meat industry has made Moda Vac the best performing rotary chamber vacuum packaging machine in the market, with the lowest cost of ownership by far.

All Moda Vacs are constructed with fully stainless-steel frames and are the only rotaries built to USDA dairy standards for sanitation.

The unique and revolutionary DSS seal system (Patent Ap.NZ 783434) provides optimal seal conditions for any bag structure at any time, with the ability to dynamically change between chambers. This eliminates the need for expensive patched bags for bone-in product, reducing bone-in costs by 30%.

Numerous design features combine to substantially reduce maintenance cost and PM time compared to other rotary chamber machines.


  • Offered as the Vac 16, Vac 20 and Vac 24 to suit your product size
  • Available in several configurations: Left to Right, Right to Left, and In-line
  • Real time data recording and integration with the rest of the Moda line
  • Remote access facilitates diagnostics and reduces downtime
  • Pneumatic cylinders improve the seal quality and reduce leaker rates
  • No proprietary printed circuit boards. All electronics are off the shelf Rockwell / Allen Bradley with an industry leading 2-year warranty
  • Substantial reduction in moving parts compared to other rotary machines
  • No chamber diaphragms (seal bars are pneumatically actuated)
  • Electronically controlled oil pump provide a precise automated delivery of oil to chain and rotary valve
  • Oil impregnated plastic rotary valve for unmatched durability
  • DSS eliminates manual switches and cam triggers from the seal system
  • Automatic actuators stop vacuum draw during breaks, so rotary valves remain lubricated for every re-start
  • Standard network connectivity for data capture and support
  • Only 12 easy-access grease nipples requiring 2 squirts once per week
  • Highly intuitive HMI with access to comprehensive maintenance functions
  • Monitor the performance of individual chambers and platens via the HMI and from the remote monitoring dashboard
  • Full height guarding for safety, reliability and performance
  • Reduce operator R.S.I and potential for dropped product with the Vac and Track ensuring optimal product placement

Technical Data

  • Specification:

    ModaVac 16:
    3745mm (147in)
    Wide 5410mm (213in)
    Long 2210mm (87in) High
    Weight 4800kg (10,600lb)
    Operating Speed 35-40ppm

    ModaVac 20:
    4170mm (164in) Wide
    6355mm (250in) Long
    2210mm (87in) High
    Weight 6000kg (13,250lb)
    Operating Speed 30-35ppm

    ModaVac 24:
    4350mm (171in) Wide
    6605mm (260in) Long
    2210mm (87in) High
    Weight 6800kg (15,000lb)
    Operating Speed 16-20ppm

  • Electrical:
    400/480V 50/60Hz 3 Phase
  • Air:
    Compressed air 6 bar
  • External HMI (human machine interface)
  • Allen Bradley / Rockwell Automation controls
  • Non-mechanical touch buttons on control panel IP69k
  • Emergency stop switch IP69k
  • T304 Stainless Moda design
  • Stainless steel mesh conveyor
  • Integrated to Moda Smart Sync management dashboard
  • Patent Application - PCT/NZ2022/050166