Semi-automatic product loader

Product Overview

There a many ways to pack fresh red meat, including loading horns, pneumatic stuffers, gravity feeders and more. Each of these have advantages and disadvantages.

Moda Loader was developed to satisfy our customers’ need for a fast and efficient packaging method that had the speed of a pneumatic stuffer, but with the flexibility to run many different sizes of product, with a gentler action that decreased leakers.

The adjustable servo-driven loading fingers can support a full range of products down the same line, from a bone-in chuck or whole pork middle, down to a tenderloin.

Allen Bradley/Rockwell automation controls including 3 servos provide precise motion control, and form the intuitive touch-screen HMI, operators can configure the action of the machine to suit their preference or the product mix. They can select from constant motion, a defined pause or knee-switch product release.

Operators also enjoy the quiet action of Moda Loader compared to the repetitive noise of a pneumatic stuffer.

Like all Moda machines, Moda Loader has a sanitary, easy clean T304 stainless design and our industry-leading 2-year electrical warranty.


  • Capacity of 15-20 packs per minute
  • Pack a wide range of product and bag sizes down a single or dual lane
  • Tool-less finger conveyor adjustment allows for a wide range of bag widths
  • Compressed air auto-inflation reduces  seal contamination
  • Designed to USDA Hygiene standards
  • Optional secure connectivity for remote support and data integration
  • Reduce operator R.S.I and potential for dropped product
  • Allen Bradley / Rockwell Automation controls including 3 servos for precise motion control
  • Reduce cut handling and seal contamination, improving hygiene and reducing leaker rates
  • Self-contained unit, designed to replace manual loading forks and hydraulic stuffers
  • Allen Bradley / Rockwell Automation Control VSD (variable speed drive) conveyor
  • Fully enclosed for safety, reliability and performance

Technical Data

  • Compact dimensions:
    1300mm (51in) Wide
    3065mm (120in) Long
    1600mm (44in) High
  • Electrical:
    400/480V 50/60Hz 3 Phase
  • Air:
    Compressed air 6 bar
  • Weight:
    650kg (1425lb) approx
  • External HMI (human machine interface) 7 inch Allen Bradley touch screen mounted to suit in left or right hand configuration
  • Allen Bradley / Rockwell Automation controls
  • Non-mechanical touch buttons on control panel IP69k
  • Emergency stop switch IP69k
  • T304 Stainless Moda design
  • Product sensing with IP67 fibre optics