Exceptional post-shrink chill

Product Overview

Moda Chill is a self-contained, small-footprint boning room chill system (operating temperature 1.0ºC / 33ºF) that works to extend your product’s shelf life and reduce purge due to its rapid chilling  ability.

The rapid flow of cold water from the 4-piece waterfall, the height-adjustable bath and 76% open-weave stainless conveyor belt ensures a rapid chilling effect on every surface of the product.

The plug and play Moda Chill requires no ammonia: just power and ambient plant water.

Moda Chill is simple to maintain, with rapid tool-less breakdown of conveyor components and easy access to all plumbing components. Rockwell / Allen Bradley electrical components are housed in temperature-controlled electrical panels behind two layers of protective cabinets. This enables Moda to offer the best electrical warranty on the market for additional peace of mind.

Hygienic design is a core focus on all Moda machines. Moda Chill is designed for easy and efficient sanitation, along with automatic CIP to maintain the condition of critical components.

The Moda Chill's capabilities are strongly favoured by Asian export markets.


  • Strongly favoured by Asian export markets
  • Industry leading temperature control and consistency
  • No ammonia: Just power and ambient plant water
  • All-over water coverage from quad water curtains and adjustable height bath
  • Designed to USDA Hygiene standards
  • Optional secure connectivity for remote support and data integration
  • Tool-less breakdown for easy clean
  • Plug and play simplicity
  • Self-contained unit, designed to replace clunky traditional cooling trough designs
  • Fully enclosed for safety, reliability and performance
  • Easy and effective automatic CIP, activated from HMI
  • Allen Bradley / Rockwell Automation Control VSD (variable speed drive) conveyor
  • Rapid reduction of meat surface temperature increases product shelf life and product hygiene
  • Integrated to Moda Smart Sync management dashboard

Technical Data

  • Compact dimensions:
    980mm (38in) Wide
    1850mm (72in) Long
    2210mm (87in) High
  • Electrical:
    400/480V 50/60Hz 3 Phase
  • Weight:
    750kg (1,650lb)
  • Internal HMI (human machine)
  • Automatic water level & temperature control
  • Allen Bradley / Rockwell Automation controls
  • Non-mechanical touch buttons on control panel IP69k
  • Emergency stop switch IP69k
  • T304 Stainless Moda design
  • Stainless steel mesh conveyor
  • Integrated to Moda Smart Sync management dashboard