Semi-automatic on-line bag maker

Product Overview

All meat processors experience similar challenges with vacuum shrink bags: high cost, excessive waste, high volume of printed bag SKUs, extensive storage requirements, and substantial labor required for export labelling. More Bag solves these challenges by producing and printing vacuum shrink bags from rolls of blank tubing in the production line in real time.

Leading American meat packers use Moda Bag to make and print bags for export product destined for China, the EU, Gulf States and more. Hand-inserted export labels are enormously labor-intensive and unhygienic. Instead, use Moda Bag to print the export information in real time with no additional labor, and with accurate date codes updating automatically each day.


  • The modular, small footprint solution is designed to be deployed anywhere that a boxed-bag rack is currently located.
  • Plug and play simplicity: 110V 10A plus 6 bar / 87psi is all it needs
  • Reduce vacuum shrink bags costs by 30%
  • Boneless and bone-in applications
  • Ultimate flexibility: Produce any length from any width of tubing up to 16”
  • Print logos, grades, safe handling instructions, dates, codes and more
  • Change prints and grades at the touch of a button
  • Size bags correctly for the product
  • Flexible frame designs to suit the packing station
  • Rugged, sanitary T304 stainless steel design, built for wash-down environments
  • Print plant establishment bug inline, enabling shared film supply across multiple locations
  • Eliminate waste from print redundancy. Only make the bags you need as you need them
  • Eliminate all of the pre-made bag SKU variation relating to prints, grades and lengths, and replace them with a handful of widths of blank tubing.

Technical Data

  • Compact dimensions:
    950mm (37in) Wide
    1000mm (39in) Long
    475mm (18in) High
  • Electrical:
    110/230V 50/60Hz 1 Phase
  • Air:
    Compressed air 6 bar
  • Operating Speed:
    Average 15ppm (depending on print and length)
  • Weight:
    550kg (1100lb) with frame
  • Washdown proof sealed head enclosure
  • External HMI (human machine interface)
  • Non-mechanical touch buttons on control panel IP69k
  • Emergency stop switch IP69k
  • T304 Stainless Moda design