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Welcome to the world of Moda.
We are a team of experienced professionals proud to have engineered a fresh new offering in the area of vacuum packaging solutions for food processors.

Hear what our amazing customers say about Moda

“From the very beginning of our dream of having a new meat ''depostada'' (or cycle two) in 2020, we defined that we wanted to give it an innovative and efficient packaging, very different from everything known in LATAM so far and that would highlight the quality attributes of our products. All this has been possible to achieve with the Moda Baggers, Moda Merge, Moda Track, Moda Rotary Vac 20 and the Moda Shrink, Chill and Dry systems, a line that is our pride in our meat packaging plant, making it a model facility in Argentina.”

Fernando Vissani

“Big River Pork has been in partnership with Moda since 2017. Moda product quality is second to none and their service to BRP complements their customer service team. Richard and his team were able to install our rotary vac system in one weekend without any need for delays in normal production. This system enabled BRP to gain efficiencies of 30% in our packing area whilst improving product presentation and improvements in shelf life. Moda is a great company with great quality and outstanding customer service.”

Jason Hampel
General Manager @ Big River Pork

“Greater Omaha Packing is dedicated to quality and innovation. Moda shares these values, and this is reflected in their market-leading line of high-performance vacuum packaging equipment.”

Preston Dau
Vice President @ Greater Omaha Packing

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