The story behind Moda

Moda Systems designs, manufactures and supports the most innovative modular vacuum packaging solutions in the meat, poultry and dairy industries globally.

Venture capital raised
Founded  2016
Amazing team members
Products in use

Our Vision

To be the chosen partner for Rotary Vacuum packaging solutions globally.

Our Mission

To meet and exceed the vacuum packaging requirements of our customers, with market-leading innovation, and a focus on safety and sustainable outcomes.

Our Values

With a strong history and experience within the primary protein packaging sector, Moda is guided by its commitment to service and support our customers.

Our History

Meat production is a major source of New Zealand’s export revenue, but our country’s remote location places it far from many of its largest export markets. Long shelf-life and optimal product presentation are key to success when competing internationally in the premium export meat sector.

Moda was formed to design and manufacture high-performance, modular vacuum packaging machines that would enable Australasian meat processors to deliver consistently high-quality product to their most challenging offshore markets. Since then, Moda’s engineering philosophy has gained widespread global appeal: Our machines can now be found at most of the major meat packers across the USA, Canada and South America; and Moda equipment has become the fresh meat packaging technology of choice for many new production facilities.

Moda’s global appeal derives from an uncompromising focus on high performance, low maintenance, hygiene, and safety. Moda machines enable our customers to increase productivity, reduce energy consumption, lower packaging costs, and optimize labor allocation.

We invite you to explore the possibilities that Moda represents for your business and the future of the industry.